Selection part is now done, now I need to work on the UI and the command line widget.
The features I want to add are

  • Have an history of entered commands
  • Display messages (the current messages are displayed to the console)
  • Show errors if command is not found
  • Auto-completion, and Qt does it natively
  • Lua and C++ should be notified when a command is entered
  • Possibility to enter coordinates/numbers directly
  • Maybe something else I forgot…

What it looks like:

What was done today:

  • History
  • Display messages
  • Check if the command exists
  • Auto-completion

The commands have to be registered (to check if it exists and auto-completion), that can also prevent a script using a command that already exists.

I also worked on the Lua interface for Qt signals and slots, to allow the lua slot to get the signal parameters. I don't call directly the LuaRef directly but I use the pushToStack method and add the parameters manually.