Yesterday I began working on the Qt/Lua connection system to send the signal parameters to Lua function.
I found this presentation about dynamic signals and slots in Qt which explain how to access the signal parameters given in the void * * argument. I also used the QMetaType types list to parse the argument in the good format.

I added a cleanup function which removes the objects connected to a destroyed QObject, and I changed some class constructors bindings to create a shared pointer instead of using a function that returns a normal pointer to the object. I can't use shared pointers everywhere with Qt because some of them would delete objects that are still in use.

Now Lua is receiving an event when a command is entered, with the correct QString parameter.

I made some research for a bot that build LibreCAD code and run unit tests and I found BuildBot which seems a good candidate because it support Git and IRC output out of the box. It is also able to parse GTest results.