Today I added the creation scripts for the last dimensions.
It now supports:

  • DimLinear
  • DimRadial

A bug in DimAligned creation was fixed, the text was always going to the same direction. The creation needs the two definitions points and middleOfText point instead of textOffset.

(p2.x() - p1.x()) * (middleOfText.y() - p1.y()) - (p2.y() - p1.y()) * (middleOfText.x() - p1.x())

If this is superior to 0, the text if above or right to the definition line, the direction is the angle of the definition line + 0.5π
If this is equal to 0, the text is on the definition line
If this is inferior to 0, the text is below the definition line, and the direction is angle - 0.5π

If an entity is being created and the creation of a new one begins, the first will be deleted. There is an exception for dimensions if the text was not set, the dimension is still created with value as text.

This part need the creation of Splines and LWPolylines to be done.

You can see the pull request here